What you need to create the perfect home office

December 22, 2014, In: Home

Working from home has many challenges attached to it, but it is also one of the most rewarding ways to make a living. Having the freedom to work from your own four walls, when you want to, and in the way you want to, basically means freedom, but the downside is that you have to motivate yourself to get up each day and do some work, without someone telling you to!

Creating a space within your home where you can work stress-free and interruption-free is difficult at first, but once you set up your office you will find it much easier to switch from home life to work life by simply walking into the room.

With all this in mind, first you need to arrange your space into a work environment, so how can you do that, and what do you need?


Keep your office separate

Your working office has to be separate from your everyday living environment, so make sure this is a room which is away from the living room and kitchen etc, preferably upstairs and in a room which has a door which is able to close completely. Once you leave your office in the evening, close the door so it remains a separate part of your life.

Think comfort

Whilst you shouldn’t mix your home life and work life when it comes to working from a home office, the beauty is that you can decorate it in the way you see fit, in order to help boost your productivity, and make your day more comfortable. Think about the environment you want to work in, and work towards setting up your office to meet those expectations. Think colour scheme, think how to decorate the walls, think where you’re going to sit to get the best out of your day.



You need to invest in a proper desk and chair for your office, because it’s no good lounging on a sofa or armchair; you’re going to hurt your back if you do this, and you’re not going to be in work mode either. Find a desk which fits your needs and then buy a chair which is adjustable and comfortable, giving you support when working at a computer.

Equipment basics

What equipment do you need for your home office? Well, it’s basically the same as an office you would travel to every day in order to work, so think about a run of the mill office. For instance, you will need a computer, chair, desk, maybe a separate telephone to your usual landline, storage facilities, maybe filing cabinets which lock, and shelving to file away important documents.

Setting up a home office isn’t difficult, but switching the mindset from home to the office can be. Once you enter the office, remember you’re at work, so get up when your alarm goes off, get dressed for work, and go to your office, and when you leave, switch off for the day and unwind in your home.







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