Top Tips for Making Your Christmas Guests Feel at Home

December 8, 2017, In: Home

The holiday period is a special time, and if you’re really lucky you may have friends or family visiting from afar to stay with you during this festive period. With all the stress of Christmas, buying gifts, preparing all the food and decorating the home, it can be hard to find the time to focus on your guests and to ensure they’re well cared for. I’ve decided to make this simple list of 3 for making your Christmas guests feel at home, so that you can make a few quick changes to ensure they have a memorable stay and holiday while in your home.
1. Show Them Around
It’s easy to get bored of where we live, after all it’s where we spend most of the year and often we take for granted the beauty of our own town or city. I always believe that having friends or family visit is the perfect opportunity to look at your hometown with fresh eyes: that of a tourist! Open up the LonelyPlanet section or Tripadvisor page for your city and find out some of the top 10 things to do. For example, if you’re based in Liverpool and why not treat your guests to visiting Liverpool ONE to get #GetChristmassy. If you’re too busy to play tour guide, find some tour information for your guests and highlight some of your favourite things so they can see you’re thinking of them and want them to enjoy your home city.

2. Small Touches
It’s often the little things that make us feel most appreciated. If your friends or family are visiting you and it’s cold where you live, consider buying them some simple slippers to wear around your home to keep their feet warm and to feel cozy. Buy matching soap and hand lotion so your guest bathroom feels a little more luxurious as if they were staying in a hotel! Set up a breakfast bar for them with a decent range of teas and a good coffee so they can start their days off well fed. Think about all the touches you love when you visit a good hotel, and try to recreate at least some of them in your own home.

3. Consider Buying Them a Christmas Stocking
I personally love Christmas Stockings because you can fill them up with inexpensive but thoughtful gifts. A new pair of softs, a little chocolate bar, some bubbles to blow for a kid. I personally like to visit a cheap store to get a few small things to pop in the stocking, as well as one ‘decent’ present. This is a great way to make your guests feel like part of the family, even if they’re already part of the family!

These are my top 3 tips for making your Christmas guests feel comfortable, let me know if you have any more tips in the comments below:


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