Top 4 Ways to Keep Occupied in a Winter Lockdown

June 9, 2021, In: Home

Struggling for things to do this winter while trapped inside? Here are some fun ideas to keep occupied on chilly, quiet nights.

Do a home cinema
Watching a movie at home is a pretty standard way to keep yourself entertained, but have you tried doing a real home cinema event with the family? This is an especially good activity for a family with children; get the kids to make tickets and a little front desk in your hallway or living room, and the rest of the family queues up to see the film. During the movie, turn the lights off, make sure everyone has a bowl of sweets or popcorn then sit back and relax. This works even better if you can use a DVD rather than Netflix or other streaming services, as then you get the trailers at the beginning and credits at the end too.

You know all those books you’ve had sitting on the bedside table, just waiting for you to have time to pick them up? Well now’s your chance. Whether you’ve got a collection of bucket-list reads like Pride and Prejudice or War and Peace, or you’re looking for the lighthearted escapism of Cecilia Ahern’s quirky novels, long days stuck at home are the perfect time to make a dent in your reading list.

If reading someone else’s story isn’t your thing, why not enjoy being the main character in your own and start gaming? An engaging and absorbing way to pass the time, gaming offers a sense of accomplishment to make you feel less unproductive, and it’s also a great way to talk to friends online while doing something fun together. Some recent gaming stations like the PlayStation 4 even have Virtual Reality capabilities, opening up even more escapism possibilities. You can even bet on yourself playing games as a way to make extra cash while having fun.

Board Games
They’re a little old school, but the variety of board games out there means you can leave traumatic memories of arguing about the rules of monopoly in the past and play something new. While the old greats like Scrabble and Pictionary are hard to go wrong with, new games like Jumanji (play at your own risk) and Wavelength are fun filled ways to keep the whole family together and entertained.

Remember that sometimes the old school activities are the best, and any of the above will keep your mind occupied, or the whole family entertained!


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