Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for New Couples

May 5, 2020, In: Home

Every new couple values every “first” in their relationship like a first date, first monthsary, first Anniversary, and first Valentine’s Day together. You may have been dating for so long; therefore giving gifts is not as hard as before since you know your partner very well. However, thinking of unique ideas and gifts is really a challenge especially if you want to surpass last year’s expression of your love for your better half. And of course, it is to officially mark your first celebration as a couple.  That is why you want to make sure it will become the best in such a way you have never done it before.

Forget about the teddy bear holding a box of flowers and chocolates, instead, opt for these new ideas.

Here are some Valentine’s Day gifts for new couples.

Sweetness Overload: Bake Your Sweet Treats

Everyone loves sweet treats like chocolates in fact; another term for Valentine’s Day is National Chocolates Day. It becomes even sweeter if both of you bake it together, whether it is a classic chocolate chip cookies, brownies and chocolate cake. What is important is that you cherish the moment together.


Achieve Your Body Goals Together

Level up the sexiness by sweating up together. If you are both a fitness lover, this one’s for you or your husband loves to enroll in a gym near your home, make it special by enrolling too. Most of the gym has membership and offers a complete package deal depending on your fitness needs and goals. Also, it is a good motivation to go back to the gym over again since you have your gym buddy.

Smells like New Beginnings- Personalized Scented Candles

It is something fun and thoughtful to do that showcase the quality time you shared with your special someone. Think of your cozy nights spent together while watching the candle to burn plus a scent of your choice that will remind the sweet years to come.

Simple Spa Treats

Anyone loves being pampered; it would delight any spa services like a facial or massage. Some spas offer package deals for couples for a more romantic experience.

Recreate your First Date

Go back and reminisce your relationship story and recreate the moment the first date you have spent together. Including the dress you wore, the menu you ordered, how you got there, the background music, and every tiny detail to relive the spark you felt on your first date. Instead of trying a new fancy restaurants, give a traditional approach on your first Valentine’s Day to make it more meaningful.

Customizable Map

Level up your standard map, rather than using push pins or marker to locate all the places you have traveled together, and all the places that are still on your bucket list that you would like to see together. Even if you have not tried to travel outside of your city, try to consider buying a detailed map of your local area and so you can be more specific. Better yet, make it an activity that you can travel together.

The couple that travels together stays stronger.


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