The importance of business gas in hotels

March 2, 2018, In: Home

I travel often, which means I’m often staying in different hotels around the world. One of the things I’ve recently noticed is how important it is for hotels to have business gas.

LPG is an excellent option for hotels, since it allows them to save money, while also reducing carbon emissions. Many customers also love it, since they know that it’s greener and cleaner compared to traditional fuels such as oil.

Since LPG is up to 40% cheaper than oil, these costs can often be passed onto customers. And since many customers are increasingly choosing the businesses they use based on their carbon footprint, this is an excellent way to be environmentally friendly.

Business gas is also reliable, since it means that even if the electricity is shut off during a storm or electrical fault, customers will still be warm and cosy, and are unlikely to even know that there’s a problem (particularly if the fault happens at night).


Compared to electricity, oil, or solid fuel, LPG has significant environmental and economic benefits. It’s both dependable and affordable, and this reliability is crucial in a world where guests can upload a review to the internet within just a couple of minutes.

One of the great things about LPG gas, is it can be used anywhere, and also doesn’t require a huge investment in infrastructure and technology. Another benefit is the quick refills, with short delivery times and meticulous cylinder checks to ensure the utmost safety standards are being followed. Business gas also allows many hotels to have a dependable, continuous supply, so hotel management won’t need to be stock taking and micromanaging the gas supply.

While energy costs may only be a small part of a hotel’s annual turnover, reducing these costs will directly lead to an increase in revenue, without needing to increase prices, or the number of guests. Money saved on energy will go straight back to the bottom line for most hotels, allowing them to have an advantage over competitors, which is always a good thing.

Implementing these types of energy efficiency measures will also often increase levels of both customer and staff comfort, along with improving morale. We also can’t forget the environmental and social advantages of switching to clean energy and reducing consumption, such as all working towards minimising climate change.

As we become more aware of these issues, guests and customers also become more discerning about hotels’ environmental credentials, and energy efficiency is likely to enhance the reputation of most hotels, while also attracting more customers.

There are a few ways that hotels can save energy, and these include turning the heating to the minimum comfortable level, replacing inefficient boilers, and ensuring good ventilation.

Energy efficient lighting is also an excellent idea, since up to 40% of a hotel’s electricity use is usually made up of lighting alone.

Finally, switching to LPG gas is another excellent way to save money and be environmentally friendly.


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