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November 10, 2014, In: Home

As we go through life we tend to collect all manner of belongings, and whilst some may think a lot of it is junk, one man’s junk is certainly another man’s treasure, and you might not want to part ways with it. The problem with this is that you have to store it somewhere, and it’s not likely that you want boxes littering your hallway, there for everyone and their auntie to fall over, as well as making your home look untidy.

Storage is a problem for most households, but there are a few things you can do to help put away those things you don’t want to part with, without having to step over them every time you go to climb your stairs.

fishing-accessories-730415_1280Make use of your attic or loft space

The attic or loft is often thought of as that space that we don’t really like to go into because it’s dark and not particularly pleasant, but it’s the ideal place to store your boxes and other bits and bobs. Make sure your belongings are properly boxed up and sealed to avoid any damage over time, and put them in a sensible order, so you can easily find what you’re looking for at a point in the future, labelling them if at all possible.

Use vacuum packing

If you’re putting away large items which need to be squashed down, such as bedding or coats etc, use vacuum packing pockets in order to get more space out of the equation. These are a great idea for travel too, and can be found in most large supermarkets, giving you a cost effective and space effective way to store your belongings.

Storage boxes

Colourful storage boxes serve two purposes; they are decorative, and they are functional, so buy a nest of boxes and use them as a focal piece in a room. These are ideal for smaller items, such as cosmetics etc.

chair-655413_1280Under the bed

You can buy beds nowadays which lift up and have storage underneath. If you’re wanting to put away winter or summer clothes, bedding, towels etc, but you’re struggling to find where you can put them, then storing them in this way means they’re easily accessible, but they’re not at all in the way, and are literally out of sight!

Make use of your garage

You might have to fight with the other half for use of this, but a little space in your garage is the ideal place to store boxes. Again, make sure they’re packed correctly, labelled, and neat, and don’t fill the garage completely, you do need room to store the car! However, overall, the garage is an ideal place to keep belongings that you’re loathed to part with, but don’t have the space for in your house.

Storage isn’t the most glamorous of subjects, but it’s something we have to think about. Fortunately we have plenty of options to explore.






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