How to Incorporate a Full-Size Bed into a Small Room

August 27, 2015, In: Home

While most of us prefer to sleep in a double-bed, incorporating this into a smaller room can be difficult. Often times, the result ends up overpowering the room and the whole thing ends up feeling claustrophobic. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Here are three tips on how you can make the most of your space.


Avoid Unnecessary Features

When decorating a smaller room, it’s all about deciding what are the essentials. Avoiding unnecessary features is one of the major ways you can save space. For instance, large beds with a head and footboard can bring an element of luxury to larger rooms. Your eyes are immediately drawn to them, and the open space around them makes the room feel grand and opulent. However, this isn’t necessarily suitable when you’re working with more confined spaces. Your eye is still drawn to the feature, but you’ll immediately feel claustrophobic as the bed dominates the space.


Use a Lighter Colour Palette

It’s well known that dark colours make a room both look and feel smaller. If you like dark colours, though, this doesn’t mean you have to avoid them entirely. You can still use them in accessories like pillows, area rugs, and accents in your interior instead. Lighter colours, on the walls and ceiling especially, can help to open up the space. If you’re fortunate enough to have a lot of natural light, make the most of it as, not only will this make your room appear larger, but recent studies also show that it can make you happier. Finally, try to shy away from complicated patterns and instead focus on more minimal shapes like horizontal stripes which can widen the look of your room


Utilise All of Your Space

One of the biggest problems with small rooms is that they can easily become cluttered. To counteract this, make sure you properly utilise all of the space available to you. Storage boxes that you can fit under your bed are a great place to hide clothes that you don’t need this season. If the weather is uncharacteristically warm this type of year, though, they’re easy access too so getting to them won’t be an issue either. You can also use shelving units to store your things. When decorated well, with an accent of colour, these will also draw your eye away from the large bed that would otherwise dominate the small space.

If you’re still struggling for space, consider switching to a small double bed like those found at Bedz ‘R’ Us. Rather than the standard 135cm x 190cm, small double beds are 120cm x 190cm. While this might not sound like a big saving, it can make all the difference when decorating a small room.


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