How to Host a Fantastic Birthday Party at Home

November 26, 2015, In: Home

Don’t we all just love a birthday party? Well you don’t need to spend a fortune to create a wonderful experience with a home-based party. The ideas presented below are intended so that the host can enjoy the party just as much as the people who come with gifts for the birthday man or woman, boy or girl.

Here are a few ideas on how to dream up a terrific birthday party.


1. Create a Theme for the Party

There are many birthday parties. So it is important to make the party that you are hosting stand out from the rest. It should be memorable, but it should also attract people to the party who want to have a good time. Creating a theme for the party can add that extra element which will make it more enjoyable. This can be fancy dress, superheroes, or another theme that kids or adults can really get into. It isn’t a good party unless you’ll need to mock up an outfit to suit the theme of the party or go shopping for a new one.

A themed party can capture the imagination of the people looking forward to attending. Whether it is old fashioned parties with food and drinks that are hard to make and don’t sell locally or one with numerous games intricately planned out to perfection, make your party one to remember.

2. Build Anticipation Early

Make use of social media to build up early excitement amongst friends. It is possible to create an online invite using sites like Facebook, Punchbowl or Evite. Alter the standard look of the invite to perhaps evoke the planned theme of the party. Add images that create the same sense of birthday enjoyment that attendees can look forward to.


3. Prepare Well

Unless you have prepared for a birthday party before, you’ll be in for a big surprise with the amount of preparation required. From the hype across social media and talking it up amongst your friends to the longest list of ingredients ever to create the tasty delicacies you have in mind, it will all take longer than you thought at the start. Just finding a suitable rental outfit to rent enough chairs for everyone to be able to sit down will be a challenge.

When serving up food and beverages, do you have enough plates, cutlery, and cups? Of course, there are rental companies to rent out certain equipment commercially, but you can also make do with cheap versions at a local Walmart to keep the costs down and then reuse them at future parties too. It is possible to buy in that birthday cake and the small bites to eat, but there is nothing like the satisfaction of making it yourself. However, that depends on what free time you have available.

4. Carnival Games

To go the extra mile, there is also the option to rent a carnival stand with games for people at the birthday party to play. The 6-foot Striker Challenge and the larger 17-foot Striker Challenge tests the strength and agility. The Tin Can Alley where the player tries to knock the cans down using a couple of bean bags is also popular. Both of these games can be played by kids 8 years’ old and older. Carnival game rentals are inexpensive and easy to arrange.

Make sure that the party host isn’t stuck in the kitchen and gets to enjoy some of festivities, especially when the person having the birthday opens their presents. Memories shouldn’t only be created for them, but also for the party host too.


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