Gifts For New Homeowners: The Best Ideas For People Who Love Being Original

August 12, 2015, In: Home

If your friends, or some family members, just invited you to their housewarming party, you probably started to wonder about the appropriate gifts. Simple flowers or photo frames are no longer a unique and sentimental gifts, so you really need to think it all through. If it is still hard for you to find the best idea, then you just came to the right place, because in this article I am going to share some amazing gift ideas for such new homeowners. These gifts, that I am going to recommend you, are practical and with a great value. If that is not enough – it is also super unique! That combined make these gifts the number one. So get inspired to that now and start shopping for it right away!


A No Ordinary Cookbook!

A simple cookbook with the best and most delicious recipes can be a great gift for all new homeowners. You can make it more special if that book is printed on some vintage-like paper and have additional blank pages in the end – so new owners can add their own recipes! Wrap it in some cute and funny kitchen towel or an apron and here you go – you have a nice, sentimental and also super practical gift. It is also two (or more!) gifts in one. So definitely consider purchasing something like that and amaze your friends with your originality.


A Box Full of Home Essentials!

If you want to gift some unique and super practical gift, then pick one big box and purchase a bunch of various home essential items like: a hammer, a line level, a measuring tape, some picture hangers and add other small things that your friends might forget about while moving. This is how you can help them out by gifting items they really going to need around the house! Put it all in one big box or a glass jar, wrap a huge bow on it and look – you just made an incredible gift!


A Real Tree!

Want people to have something green in their new apartment or home? Then definitely forget about simple plants or flowers. Gift them a real tree! You can either choose to gift a tree that has been growing up a little bit, or just gift some seeds and let new homeowners plant their own tree and watch it grow every day. It can be a nice sentimental gift because it can actually signify the new beginning of their lives. So all you need to do is to pick the right tree: either it is tulip tree, or some exotic fruit tree – everything works if gifted with love!


A Personalized Portrait!

A nicely painted personalized portrait of your friends or their pet, for instance, can be a fun and sentimental gift too. This gift idea is one of the hardest to make because you need to find the right painter to make high-quality work. But after the struggle, I can guarantee that every friend or family member will be amazed by this type of gift. Frame it in some nice and modern frame, or leave it in canvas, and wrap amazing a huge bow to make the first strong impression. I promise the look on house owners faces will be amazing then they see that you got them!
So that is mostly it. If you need more ideas for coming housewarming party gifts, you can easily find it online. And in some retailer’s website too! For instance, Target has a huge selection and ideas what to gift in such occasion. So you can get some of it easily from there. Apart from that, by shopping online you can save a lot of money too! Just simply get Online Target deals and save instantly for absolutely everything you want to purchase for your friends. I can guarantee everyone will be happy and amazed with such unique gifts for a home like that! So enjoy shopping and enjoy gifting!


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