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December 12, 2019, In: Home

Your head is swimming with wedding ideas, from your bridal shower to your bridal veil. With all of the excitement (and stress) that a wedding can bring, it’s important to remember to take care of your health and beauty in the months leading up to the big day.

Get wedding day ready with the skin, hair, and fragrance products you need to look and feel your best.


Scents are memories, which makes a unique fragrance a beautiful way to remember your day. The fragrance you use on your wedding day can be worn again on anniversaries or special occasions to bring back your fondest memories.

Calm and revitalise your body and soul with some stunningly-scented products. Choose a bath oil that will not only scent but also hydrate your skin or set the scene with some flickering candles to light up your night.

Above all, pick your perfect perfume with a floral scent like peony or red rose.


Luminous skin

You want everything to look perfect for your wedding day, including your skin. If you want your complexion to look flawless, you should start a nourishing routine a few weeks before the ceremony.

Ensure your skin looks its most radiant with a hydrating serum that promotes health and luminosity. Allow your skin to thrive by using an energising product that can help provide you with a fresh complexion.

Look at using overnight products as well to help maximise the power of the ingredients, allowing them to penetrate deep within the layers of skin.

Because your skin naturally regenerates during the night, an overnight masque can help boost repair and regeneration of skin cells. That means you’ll wake up with a more nourished, more radiant complexion for your wedding.

Use your masque regularly a month before your wedding to achieve your most luminous wedding-day skin. Don’t forget to moisturise regularly as well to keep your skin smooth and protected.

While your face skin care routine may be the most important, don’t neglect the rest of your body. Too often we forget that the rest of our body needs and deserves love too.

Bathe in some luxurious bath soaps in preparation for your special day. Relax, surrounded by a sweet aroma whilst you cleanse and condition your body. Finish off with a scented body and hand lotion that’ll hydrate your skin for a soft and gentle touch.    

A flawless finish

You want to look your most flawless on your special day. With such a mix of foundation, lipstick and shadows to choose from, where do you start?

For a natural and warm glow be sure to dust on some illuminating bronzing powder for a perfectly balanced look and sun-kissed appearance. Ensure you’ve chosen the right tone for your skin though!

Next, we all know how tiring and stressful planning a wedding can be and unfortunately, dark circles under your eyes may be inevitable. To brighten up your look and give yourself a wake up call – go straight to the correctors and concealers. Find long lasting products that are sweat and humidity resistant for the best results and coverage.

Now, once you’ve found the perfect products, have you thought about how you’re going to keep it all in place through dinner and dancing?

An under-or-over makeup spray can act as the perfect addition to your makeup look. Makeup mist is moisturising, so you’ll feel refreshed all day, and it sets your look into place to make you look as beautiful at the end of the night as you did at the start. Opting for a mattifying makeup mist will help you stay shine-free for the camera flash, while a shimmer mist offers a luminous finish on your skin.

Your wedding day is all about you. You’ve taken care of the flowers and the favours, but now it’s time to take care of the bride – you.

Get wedding day ready with the right bridal beauty products.


Luscious lips

Your wedding day is all in the details, and the colour of your lips is one detail you don’t want to ignore. Lip colour can help bring your bridal look together and express your bridal style.

Bold brides can choose a more dramatic shade like red or berry, while minimalist brides can opt for an understated pink or nude tone. You can also select your shade based on the season. Autumn is perfect for hues of maroon, and pinks pair perfectly with summer.

No matter the colour you choose, ensure it leaves your lips nourished and moisturised for a beautiful ‘I do’ kiss.

Hair that Shines Effortlessly

A dedicated routine is all it takes to promote healthy and radiant hair. Transform your look completely and surprise everyone with a stronger, thicker and fuller head. But, not only does your hair need to impress on your special day, it also needs to last.

Give your hair the body and shine it needs all day and night with a leave-in hair treatment. Find products with gentle, natural ingredients that will revitalise and restore your hair’s healthy look, giving it the protection it needs throughout the day.

Don’t forget to regularly shampoo and condition your hair as well. Be sure to choose products that are specifically tailored to your type and texture for the best results. Wash away the dirt and debris that’s built up after some long days for a clean, shiny look.  


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