Eco-Friendly Bedroom Decorating Ideas

September 27, 2015, In: Home

If you think that your body is a temple, there’s no reason why you should allow it to sleep in a toxic and pesticide ridden bedroom. Our bedroom space serves as a sanctuary from all the worries and stress that we put ourselves through on a daily basis, and making a natural and eco-friendly bedroom space doesn’t only benefit the environment, it contributes towards your physical and emotional health and happiness as well. If you’re thinking of designing a green and eco-friendly bedroom in order to have a space that provides peace, relaxation and serenity after a stressful day but is also kind to environment, we’ve put together a list of ideas that you might like to use.


Non-Toxic Paint

Often, the biggest source of nasty toxins is lurking in your walls. Conventional paints that can be bought at the majority of DIY stores are full of nasty chemicals, and not only are these chemicals harmful to the environment, but prolonged exposure can be a cause for respiratory illness, aggravate allergies, and a whole bunch of health issues. Before you paint your bedroom it’s a good idea to do some research to find a non-toxic paint alternative and reduce your exposure to harmful carcinogens.

Organic Cotton

You wouldn’t roll around in a pool of pesticides, toxins and herbicides, so why are you still using conventional bedding? Switching to bedding and mattresses that are made from organic cotton is one of the easiest ways to reduce your body’s exposure to harmful carcinogens and toxins. When it comes to absorbing harsh chemicals your skin has practically no means of defense, meaning that anything in your bedding is able to make its way directly into your blood stream. Organic cotton is also a better option for Sleep Number beds.


Get a House Plant

If you live in a busy, traffic ridden area with little access to fresh air, consider placing a house plant in your bedroom. House plants help significantly with levels of fresh air and oxygen in your home, and even a small plant on your nightstand, dresser or windowsill can definitely make you feel more relaxed and at ease and able to get a better night’s sleep.

Avoid Leather and Suede

If living natural is your aim, leather and suede are two products that should be avoided at all costs. Not only are these products often cruel to animals, but they undergo a series of major chemical processes in order to make them suitable for use as furniture, home décor and other home accessories. When creating an eco-friendly bedroom it’s best to avoid this product altogether, although if you just can’t resist a suede cushion or throw, there are a number of vegan alternatives that you might like to consider instead.


Eco-Friendly Lighting

Another small and simple step that you can take in order to make you bedroom more eco-friendly is to swap to eco-friendly or energy saving light bulbs. Besides the lamp on your nightstand or bedside table, don’t forget to switch over the ceiling lights, wall lights and any other sources of light in your bedroom to a more eco-friendly alternative. When the sun’s out, don’t forget about natural light – it’s completely free to use!

Ditch the Carpets

Instead of using carpet as a flooring option for your bedroom, opt for hardwood floors and area rugs as a more eco-friendly alternative. When formulated, carpets use many chemicals and petroleum-based products, and since the majority of people walk in their bedrooms with bare feet, you’re exposing yourself to harmful carcinogens that can be directly absorbed into the blood through your skin. Along with this, another reason to avoid traditional carpeting is that it can be very hard to properly clean. Although you may vacuum every day with the world’s best vacuum cleaner, it’s impossible to eliminate every dust particle and bit of trapped dirt that hides within a carpet’s fibers and can aggravate allergies. Instead opt for natural floors made of materials such as wood or bamboo, and purchase area rugs made from organic materials that you’ll be able to take outside to vacuum, shake and clean in order to best get rid of dirt, dust particles and other allergens.

Color Themes

When it comes to creating an eco-friendly bedroom, you’ll want the color theme to match up. Opt for natural colors such as greens, blues and tan to give your bedroom an earthy and natural feel. Not only will this color scheme tie in with you eco-friendly efforts, it’ll also help you to remain calm and close to nature.

Do you have an eco-friendly bedroom? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments.


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