5 Ways to Have Fun at Home

March 10, 2021, In: Home

Chances are you’ve spent a lot more time at home this year, which means we’ve had to get creative about things we can do to keep ourselves entertained. If you’re feeling bored, or looking to head into another lockdown, here are some suggestions of things you can do at home to keep yourself entertained.

1. Make Some Extra Cash
It might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but now can be a great time to make a little extra money through a side hustle. You can pick up a number of types of work online, through making a blog, doing some freelancing work, or even making some cash by placing a bet on yourself playing games. A little extra cash can go a really long way right now for many of us, so this can be a great way to relieve a little stress in your life while keeping yourself busy.

2. Connect With Some Older Relatives
While this year has been tough on us, it’s been really tough on older people who have been the most restricted. If you have close friends or family members that are in care homes, chances are their lives have been flipped upside down, with visitations limited. Think of a way you can connect with them, maybe something as simple as a heartfelt letter with some photos?

3. Plan a Future Trip
With travel on hold for most of us, it can be hard wondering when we’ll be able to safely board a plane and get exploring. I personally love travel so this is one of the things I’ve found the most difficult about this year. To compensate, I’ve made a new bucket list of destinations I’d like to go to. If you’re itching to travel, it could be a good idea to plan a local road trip, helping to boost the economy where you are. So many industries are struggling due to COVID-19. 

4. Zoom Games Night
Why not connect with some family members or friends and have a Zoom games night? There are a number of websites that are designed so that you can play online games while chatting on Zoom. If you’re a more serious gamer, it might be fun to plan a tournament through your favourite gaming platform. It’s a great way to catch up while creating some fun memories, even while you’re not actually together. 

5. Do a Puzzle
It’s surprising how entertaining a puzzle can be and it’s so great for your mind. While you’re working on the puzzle you’re focused, and there’s no room for any other distracting thoughts. I think of it like an active meditation. If your friends are also interested in doing puzzles you can swap around so you always have something new to do. 

Hopefully these tips give you some ideas of how to keep yourself entertained at home. Whether you’re heading into another cold winter, or another round of lockdowns, I hope you can find interesting ways to keep yourself busy at home. 


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