5 Stylish Decorating Trends this Holiday Season

December 8, 2015, In: Home

There are two distinct ways to decorate for Christmas. Your first option is the easies — ride over to the local Wal-Mart or Target and scoop whatever is on the shelves that year. It might not be the most original way to decorate, but you’ll spread plenty of holiday cheer. Your second option involves doing a little research and immersing yourself in the world of holiday pageantry. If you want to set yourself apart from the rest this holiday season, the following decorating trends will have your friends dashing through the snow just to take a peek at your remarkable decorum.

Ornament Options

Photo by Paul VanDerWerf via Flickr

Who said ornaments need to stay on the tree? Hanging ornaments from garland helps transfer the holiday spirit throughout the house, rather than focusing it all in the living room. Surprisingly, the idea for hanging ornaments away from the tree is brand new, and the design aesthetic that can be achieved by doing so is remarkable. This can be an especially effective tip if your ornaments follow a specific theme or color scheme.

Inventive Advent

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The Advent calendar is one of the most cherished holiday traditions. Free treats everyday? Who would possibly say no to that? A unique twist on this classic decoration involves crafting fully interactive Advent displays using numbered paper bags or coffee grounds cans. These large and attractive displays steal the show, and your children will adore them.

Show Your Cards


Photo by ProFlowers via Flickr

Christmas cards are a strange tradition, not because reaching out to the family is strange, it’s because the army of letters arriving at the house within a week of each other create such a clutter that nobody really know what to do with them all. Finally, there is a solution. Creating cork board card displays allows you to display all of the love you receive from family and friends during the holiday while dressing up your house with a nifty accessory. Christmas Lights Etc. has lights in all sizes which can be strung across the board to really lighten up the room.

Sweet Design Ideas

Photo by Nick Amoscato via Flickr

Halloween is known as the holiday that embraces candy and sweets more than any other, but let’s be honest, Christmas is no slouch when it comes to dispersing the goodies and confections. Peppermints are classic candy fare for the holidays, and they can used to create interesting centerpieces for the table. One clever idea involves filling a vase with peppermints and marshmallows in layers to create a candy striping effect. Ideas like this look great and double as a quick snack for you or your guests.

Can You Handle Candles?

Photo by David Morris via Flickr

Candles are beautiful. The soft, flickering glow of the lit candle wick has a calming effect that can’t be matched. Christmas and candles go hand in hand. There are tons of Christmas scented candles available during the holiday that usher in the holiday spirit. One popular trend this year is custom-made candle centerpieces. The center of a small wreath can be filled with candles to create an elegant tabletop attraction.

This year’s holiday trends combine the old and new, slightly tweaking the formula on traditional design ideas to bring them into the modern age without abandoning the spirit of the holidays. Making your house resonate with warm holiday vibes is easier than ever with these new style trends.



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