4 Ways We Rely on Broadband in 2017

December 8, 2017, In: Home

Broadband has almost become a household essential, much like electricity and running water. While it’s obvious you can live without broadband, for many of us broadband serves so many purposes in our daily lives, we’d be lost without it. I remember the days of dial-up Internet, the slow speeds, the weird sound if you picked up the phone accidentally, and the inability to make calls while someone was connected to the Internet. Nowadays, everything’s different thanks to broadband and it’s become one of the most used resources in our homes. If you’re looking for a new provider, check out TalkTalk Business and their services #BroadbandAndMe. Here are 4 ways that we rely on broadband in 2017:

1. Entertainment
There’s an expression that’s floating around a lot “Netflix and chill” – basically meaning curling up with a blanket on a couch or bed, and watching Netflix television shows or movies. You need broadband to watch Netflix, you could get away with watching it on your mobile phone using mobile data, but chances are you’re going to chew through your data package really fast. If you own a Playstation or Xbox, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve used the Internet to connect to a group play feature. You probably use your broadband connection to read online news sites and magazines, in some way replacing the older TV and paper versions.

2. Keeping in Touch
As someone who lives overseas, away from family and childhood friends, staying in touch is really important to me. I never sent letters and instead rely on Facebook chat, Whatsapp Messenger and Skype to call, chat and just share my life with loved ones near and far. Thanks to speedy broadband in my house I can have amazing quality video calls for free!

3. Education
Whether you’re enrolled at a real university or college, or just wanting to learn something new, more and more educational resources are moving online. When I finished my last year of College, much of my course was online including videos and assessments. Now you can learn almost anything your heart desires by simply searching for it on Youtube. It’s great for helping you study, but if you want to learn a language, how to program, or even how to patch a pair of jeans, a simple Google search will find you ample information.

4. Shopping
With Christmas just around the corner, many of us have our minds on gifts for our favourite people. This year I have almost done all of my Christmas shopping online – and only online – because it’s so much easier to compare brands, snag special deals and save money. There’s also a larger range of products online and of course you can do your Christmas shopping while sitting in your PJs which is a great bonus for me!

Can you imagine a life without broadband? I can’t! It’s changed our lives so much and I’m grateful for all the benefits of technology.


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