Types of Poppers

July 19, 2021, In: Health & Fitness

Poppers are also referred to as, Amyl nitrate, liquid gold, or butyl nitrate. It is a drug in liquid form that gives instant highness once inhaled.

Uses of poppers

Sometime back, doctors for people with heart conditions used amyl nitrate. Nowadays, this has evolved since it is now being used as a treatment for cyanide poisoning.

Most people link poppers with the LGBTQ community. It is mainly because the drug can facilitate anal sex among people. It is also highly known for heightening orgasms during sex and arousing people.

There was a study conducted in 2010 that indicated the sexual minority men mainly use poppers. However, various people of different races, gender, and age still use poppers.

Known effects of poppers

These drugs are used to get the feeling of euphoria or a pleasurable feeling, but this drug comes with side effects too.

These poppers act as vasodilators in the blood meaning they expand blood vessels causing dizziness, feeling of light-headedness’, heart rate increases, and drop in blood pressure.

Poppers are used to relax anal muscles during sex because it enhances pleasure, but it is said that continuous use reduces the ability of users to get an erection.

  • Respiratory problems

Due to inhaling the strong chemicals users often develop breathing problems such as wheezing.

  • May cause allergic reactions

People allergic to specific fragrant chemicals will have a problem after inhaling the poppers

Types of poppers available

Amyl poppers

They are not recommended for first-timers because they are too strong. Their effects include longer periods of highness and euphoria. The main side effect that comes with this type of poppers is severe headaches.

Pentyl poppers

These are the most sold and most popular. Many are times when people generalize poppers they are meaning pentyl poppers. The good thing is its euphoric effects last a shorter period compared to the rest. It provides a better sex drive, stimulation, and longer orgasms.

Mix of poppers

A mixture that aims at reducing the headaches caused by amyl. They give enough sexual results because they increase sexual arousal and at the same time increasing orgasms.

Propyl poppers

Has been illegal for years but has started being sold in countries like France. They are considered good for parties and intimate moments.

Poppers brand names

Over the years, there has been the emergence of so many brands that you can choose. The popper’s brand name can also be used for example horse power poppers and the brand name can also mean the place it was manufactured in. For example, Ibiza poppers, Berlin poppers, and Amsterdam poppers. Other brands include jungle juice that is the original brand and dragon power that revives the beast that is in you.


People have adopted the use of poppers, which is okay, but one has to remember the fatal effects it could have. The drug makes people feel good and is associated with sexual pleasures and high orgasms. Various countries like France had banned the use of poppers but have legalized it as of now. Take time to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the drug before using it.


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