Top ways to relax this year

June 18, 2018, In: Health & Fitness

I don’t know about you, but stress and low-level anxiety has become the new norm. I never thought I was someone who would suffer from anxiety, but at the grand old age of 29, I’m learning that panic attacks are no joke.

It turns out that I’m not alone. As a generation, millennials are the most anxious and stressed out of any generation before us. As the most connected generation, many of us feel completely alone and isolated- ironic considering friends and family members are literally a message away.

If this sounds like you, you may need a few strategies to help you relax. Here are some top ways you can learn how to chill out and deal with stress and anxiety:


Learn to meditate

Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean ‘clearing your mind’ and ‘omming.’ In fact, the rise in mindfulness websites, apps, and books, has proven that what we really need is to be present in the moment. How often do you stop and smell the roses? What are you thinking about right now?

Many of us are continually focused on the future, and forget to enjoy where we are in the present. That’s why it’s a good idea to find a type of mindfulness that works well for you- whether that means yoga, an app, or meditation.

Take time to relax

Most of us are busier than ever, with technology allowing our jobs to cross over into our personal lives. When was the last time you focused on relaxing? Why not grab some friends and go on a spa day? This will allow you to be pampered in peace and quiet, and truly relax- something most of us could use more of.

Consider what other activities make you feel the most relaxed. Maybe you’re overdue a Netflix binge over a VPN, or you love curling up with a good book. Perhaps you’d love to go for a walk on the beach, or you feel most at peace when you’re swimming in the ocean. It’s crucial that you give yourself these types of things if you’re going to live your best life.

Focus on what you want

Many of us are living on autopilot, and simply getting through the day. If you’re not working in a job you love, ask yourself why. What lights your fire? What types of activities would make you excited to get out of bed in the morning? And how could you get there? Life is too short to spend years doing something you don’t love. Whether you need to do extra study, or work a second job at night, consider how you can make your dreams happen, and watch your stress disappear as you start taking steps in the right direction


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