Tips for Buying a New Bike

September 15, 2015, In: Health & Fitness

Buying a bike is a great thing to do – and from multiple points of view. First and foremost, it is a great thing to do for your health, as it will allow you to move more and to actually get a good work out every day. Secondly, biking is a great way to get around a city – and it will also save you a lot of money in the long run. Last, but definitely not least, biking is an eco-friendly means of transportation, so aside from helping your health and your pocket, it will also help the environment as well. If these benefits appeal to you, then read on to see some tips for buying a new bike.



Bikes come in a wide range of prices so even if you are running on a tighter budget, you will still be able to get something great for your money. However, it is important that you know exactly how much you are willing to pay for your new (or used) bike before you even start shopping. This will help you narrow down the list of options to a handful few that suit your price range.

Type of Bike

All bikes come in pretty much the same “format”. However, they are built differently. For instance, there are bikes that are more recommended for city use, while there are other bikes that are greater when it comes to speed (great if you want to go outside the city and actually get a great work out with your bike). Make sure you are fully informed on the types of bikes available out there and decide on which one suits your needs the most.


Personal Adjustments

You need to feel comfortable on your bike. Otherwise, it is likely that you will drop the idea very soon and your investment will become yet-another-item-to-be-deposited-in-your-garage. Most sellers advise that you test out the various types of bikes available and that you only make your purchase when you feel truly comfortable on your bike. The four most important things to look after are the seat height, the saddle position, the handlebar height and the reach. All these features are really important if you want to be able to ride your bike comfortably and if you want to make sure you will actually take pleasure in using it.

Safety First

Keep in mind that, aside from the bike itself, you may have to make other purchases as well. For instance, wearing a helmet when biking is of the utmost importance because it will protect you in case you fall or in case you have an accident. Make sure you don’t rule this out because it could actually mean a lot if something happens! Fox Flux helmets are a great option if you’re wanting to protect yourself while still looking great.

Also, check with your country’s regulations and see which are the other safety items you need to wear when biking (especially when biking at night). These rules are pretty much the same everywhere, but they may vary slightly according to your location. From wearing a special vest to making sure your bike is illuminated, these small additions can keep you safe and on the road – so it’s essential that you consider them as well.


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