The Pressure for the “Perfect Beach Body”

July 30, 2015, In: Health & Fitness

Summer is my favourite season of the year, the sun is shining, the weather is hot, we tend to have more free time to enjoy with our friends and family – what’s not to love about summer? For many of us – over 60% of 18 to 24 year olds, summer is met with mixed emotions. We’re excited for all the perks of the warmer season, but less clothes, bikinis at the beach, and we’re feeling vulnerable and the pressure to have the “perfect beach body”.

I read a quote a while ago that had simple instructions as to how to achieve a beach body, it said to simply put on a bikini and you’re there. But for many of us who are unhappy with our bodies, or are striving for that supermodel beach body when our genetics are not in our favour – trying to achieve the perfect beach body can bring a lot of apprehension and stress.

Looking back ten years ago, when I was a teenager, I had a fantastic figure that I’d be thrilled to have now. I was slimmer, more toned, however, I was still caught up on chasing the ideal body. I found faults where there weren’t faults and felt that I didn’t measure up to the media’s version of a perfect beach body. I felt uncomfortable quite often on the beach, and would wear certain clothes to hide my figure. Ironically now I’m a little older, I’d kill for that body. It seems a shame that I didn’t appreciate it more when I was younger. We all have periods of insecurity with ourselves, including how close our body is to a “perfect beach body” so here are some tips to feel more comfortable with yourself at the beach.

Tips for Feeling Confident in Your Skin

Buy a Bikini That Flatters Your Figure
It’s a good idea to try on a broad range of bikinis and swimsuits to find one that flatters your figure better. I find that buying a plain bottom for my bikini and a patterned top really helps to balance out my shape. I’m naturally very curvy around the hips and the plain pants mute that a little. Bare in mind that different shapes flatter different body shapes so the best way to find your ideal bikini is to shop around. My Voucher Codes offer numerous fashion vouchers that allow you to save money or get special deals while you shop at your favourite sites. Try to buy a new swim suit every season or two – at least. They often lose their shape after many washes and an unflattering swimsuit can just make you feel worse.

Realise That Everyone Has Faults
I remember meeting a girl that I thought was so beautiful. She had a gorgeous face, beautiful body – she seemed to have it all. We went to the beach together and when she was in a bikini she had very strong stretch marks from her belly button down to her knees. I had never seen such strong stretch marks before, but here she was sitting on the beach, looking beautiful and real. It really helped give me the confidence to ignore my imperfections and stop them from limiting my life. Even celebrities have cellulite, stretch marks and countless other imperfections. Consider all the fantastic things your body does, such as breathing, converting food to fuel and so on and it seems silly to fuss about tiny little imperfections.

Love Yourself
Accepting your body for how it is can be hard, but be proud of yourself. If you’d like to be thinner, readjust your diet and exercise more. But be aware that there are limits to your body based on genetics, so don’t expect to look like a super model. I’m 5’4″ and it took some time to realise I’ll never grow to 6″, but I’m OK with that. I make the most of what I’ve got and love myself despite falling short of the media’s ideas. When you love yourself fully, the good, bad and ugly seems to disappear.

Summer time and beach season should be fun, not filled with apprehension. Use these tips to feel more comfortable at the beach and more comfortable with your body in general.


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