Simple Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

October 23, 2015, In: Health & Fitness

When smoking first became popular, nobody had a clue that it was a potentially lethal habit. Men and women smoked endless cigarettes without giving it a second thought. Today we are much more aware of the dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes and nobody can claim that it is a safe habit. Unfortunately nicotine is highly addictive and it isn’t easy to quit smoking. So if you are struggling to give up your twenty a day habit, here are a few tips to help you break the habit for good.

Before you begin, it is worth pointing out that quitting cigarettes takes a lot of willpower. This is not something you can tackle in a half-hearted fashion. As we have already said, it’s a tough habit to break so you have to approach the task with 100% commitment. So if you are ready, it’s time to begin.


Set a Date and Stick to It

Once you have taken the decision to quit, make a date and stick to it. No ifs, no buts, you can’t procrastinate forever. Mark a date in your diary – preferably after any big social occasions or stressful events – and make that Day One of your new smoke-free life.

Think about the Health Gains

It is very important to remind yourself on a daily basis why you are quitting. Smoking is seriously bad for your health: it is the leading cause of lung disease, cancer, heart disease, and numerous other serious health problems. Smokers typically die many years sooner than their non-smoking counterparts, but by giving up today, you can add on extra years to your expected life expectancy almost immediately.


Habit by Association

Since smoking is a habit, work out what your triggers are. Do you normally smoke when you go out for a drink or are you more likely to smoke during breaks at work? Once you have identified what – or who – is associated with your smoking habit, try and avoid these high-risk events at all costs; or at least until you are well past the first few weeks of quitting.

Join Self-Help Groups

It is hard to give up smoking with no support and people who go it alone are a lot more likely to give up. Try joining an internet support group or asking your doctor for help. There is a lot of support out there for smokers who want to quit the habit, so reach out and ask for it.


Try E-Cigs to Break the Cycle

E-cigarettes can help wean you off toxic tobacco cigarettes. E-cigs contain no harmful substances and are an excellent substitute for people who still want to enjoy a nicotine fix without the carcinogenic substances found in traditional cigarettes. For more information about e-cigs, visit

Don’t Fall Off the Wagon

There will probably be lots of times when you are tempted to have “just one cigarette”. Don’t make the mistake of having a sneaky cigarette or you will be back at square one. Be strong and think of how much better you are feeling as a result of not smoking. It really is worth the effort!


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