Just a few of the many benefits of yoga

April 27, 2015, In: Health & Fitness

Exercise in general is great for our overall health and wellbeing, this much we know. Keeping fighting fit is easy with gym, running, swimming, cycling, and jogging, but yoga should also be up there with the top exercise methods in order to stay in tip top health.

Yoga looks complicated to the outsider looking in, but after a few lessons and a little perseverance, you will probably come to realise that this gentle, yet quite hard-hitting, exercise method is not only energising, but also comes with many health benefits attached.

The total list of yoga benefits is exhausting, and there isn’t enough time to talk about them all in-depth, however as a starter, these are five of the most important benefits to getting yourself involved in a yoga lesson near you.

yoga-682326_1280Improved flexibility

At first you probably won’t be able to get into the poses with that much ease, however after a few lessons you will find that your flexibility improves, and over time it continues to do so. Flexibility will help you as you get older, preventing problems such as arthritis, as well as helping you in your daily life right now.

Strong muscles

With increased flexibility comes stronger muscles as a result, which again helps to prevent arthritis and back problems in the future, as well as your overall core and posture.

A better posture

A poor posture has many detrimental effects, such as back, neck and joint problems, and the worst thing is that you’re probably not even aware you have a poor posture. Most of us slouch without even realising it, but yoga helps you become aware of your body and how you’re standing and breathing, which strengthens your core and helps you sit and stand up straighter.

yoga-263673_1280Spine protection

Yoga poses help to strengthen the spinal discs which work to help support your spine during every day normal movements. A strong spine means less chance of injury and pain in later life.

Boosts immunity

Yoga poses help with the drainage of a fluid called lymph, which is naturally occurring within the body and runs through the lymphatic system. This is a system of the body which helps to fight infection and rids the body of toxic waste, so boosting flow and immunity is a fantastic side effect of getting involved in a yoga class.

The social element

Exercise in any guise is a good thing, but a yoga class could also be a social thing, where you can meet new people, boost your mood, and overall could help bring more happiness to your life.







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