Health and Fitness Goals for 2021

June 28, 2021, In: Health & Fitness

Achieving your fitness goals and maintaining a healthy weight is not always easy. Sometimes, you hit a plateau, and it seems impossible to work past it. However, persistence is something you should have when working on hitting your fitness goals. It can help to workout at the gym where you can have the help of a personal trainer or be inspired by the other people exercising with you. It’s essential to set your goals before hitting the gym so that you also have an idea what routines and workouts you need to accomplish.

Common Fitness Goals

People have different reasons for working out. Since our bodies work differently, it could also affect the fitness goals we have. As such, most people ask for the assistance of a trainer. An individual living in Leeds is more likely to stick to a gym in Leeds because of the trainer they have and the trust that is built amongst the two, especially when they haven’t worked out before. Here are some of the usual fitness goals that people have when they start working out:

Slimming Down

The top reason people decide to work out is to shed fat and achieve a healthier weight. Of course, this goal should be paired with the proper diet and a low-calorie intake. Experts say that the most effective exercise for losing weight focus on cardio exercise. Doing some time on the treadmill and keeping a good heart rate up is crucial in burning fat. Aside from running, doing activities with some jumping movements also help. You can use a jump rope, or you can try burpees for slimming down.

Building Muscles

People also want to build strength and gain muscles. For these fitness goals, you need constant conditioning, lifting weights, and a lot of protein. Conditioning exercises include doing planks, push-ups, and squats. If you want to incorporate weights, you can do overhead press and goblet squats. You can also do deadlifts and kettlebell swings. Just make sure your form is correct, and the weight is something you can manage. For this fitness goal, it is also best to consult a trainer at the gym so they can guide you through the proper process and help you avoid any injuries.

Improving stamina and endurance

Climbing stairs or walking a few miles can leave you huffing and puffing. This is when you know that you need to improve your endurance. HIIT exercises have become very popular recently, and they help build endurance while making you sweat. High-Intensity Interval Training involves doing several rounds of challenging exercises that will keep your heart rate up. This can also be combined with cargo exercises to make your heart and lungs stronger.

Being More Flexible

Flexibility is also important, especially if you have an 8-hour job where you are seated all day. This helps in keeping your muscles healthy and strong. Flexibility can be improved by constant and daily stretches and yoga. However, it is best not to push yourself as it could lead to a pulled muscle. Start with simple stretches, and don’t expect to get very flexible overnight. It must be done constantly for the muscles to adjust.

While setting fitness goals are very important, you have to be dedicated in achieving them. There’s no quick and easy way to achieve your goals, even if you hit the gym every day. Make sure to set short and long-term goals. Listing them down will help you keep track of them. What’s important is staying dedicated and not losing sight of your goals. Also, remember to give yourself a little patience. Even if you are dedicated, you won’t hit those goals overnight. Remember that slow progress and still progress.


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