Gift ideas for the mum to be in your life

January 12, 2018, In: Health & Fitness

It seems that we’re getting to the age where many of our friends are settling down, getting married, and having kids. For those that don’t yet have kids, it can be tricky to know exactly what to get the new mums in your life.

Here are some great gift ideas:


Something for Baby

It seems obvious, but getting something she can use for the baby is a great idea. Sure, it’s not the most original idea ever, but it’s key to note that not all baby products are created equal, and this is a great place to stand out and get her something special. Check out some of the natural baby products over at Baby Mantra, which has a huge range of excellent products for babies, including natural baby skin care and even natural baby shampoo. New mums are often concerned about the number of chemicals their babies are coming into contact with, so it’s a great idea to go natural and give them a gift they’ll be sure to use.

Something for Mum

It can be easy to assume that a new mum will only want gifts for the baby, but she’s likely to be given many of these, and it’s nice to ensure she’ll be a bit spoiled as well. Since this woman has just grown a human, it’s likely that she’ll need a little pampering to get her feeling nice and relaxed. Some ideas include some nice treats for her to eat and drink, like herbal tea (or good coffee if she isn’t nursing), ready meals (there are a number of companies that deliver delicious meals and this can be a lifesaver over the first couple of weeks after the baby is brought home.

Often new mums will also need some TLC, so consider some really nice hand cream since they’ll be washing them so often while changing nappies, some nice bath salts or bubble bath so she can make the most of any down time she gets, or some light entertainment such as a good book, a journal or organiser, some magazines, short stories, or even a subscription to Netflix for those long feeding sessions.


Something Special

There are few gift ideas that will be either helpful or a great memory for many years. Consider the book titled “What Mothers Do”, a mum necklace, or a pandora or Tiffany charm to celebrate the new bub. Other options include a newborn photography session- giving her those adorable newborn photos where babies often look like little cherubs, or a set that allows her to take a print of her new baby’s hands and feet, which are then put into a gorgeous frame.

To go the extra mile, give her a night off! Offer to babysit one night when she’s ready to climb the walls, and allow her and her partner to go have a date night, safe in the knowledge that their newborn is in safe hands.


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