Five ways to stay fit without the gym

December 8, 2014, In: Health & Fitness

Keeping fit is an expensive business these days; you might want to shell out for an all singing, all dancing gym membership to boost you fitness levels, but such things tend to come with a hefty price tag. Luckily, there are a few things you can do that don’t cost a thing, or cost very little indeed, which do exactly the same thing as the gym – i.e. get your heart rate pumping and tone those muscles.

If this sounds like a great money saving idea to you, whilst getting in tip top fitness at the same time, check out these suggestions below, and get that heart rate up without spending a penny!


You are obviously going to have to walk at a decent pace in order to reap any benefits when it comes to walking, but avoiding the bus and getting your feet working is a great way to burn calories and tone your muscles too. Swing your arms for extra oomph! Of course you also save money by not having to spend on bus fares and trains, if you can comfortably walk the distance. Try and incorporate this into your routine by taking a walk during your lunch break at work, or even walking to work instead of the bus.


The great thing about swimming, assuming you are able to swim, is that you can burn calories, tone muscles, and get your heart rate up, all without even noticing it because you’re practically weightless in the water. Head down to your local swimming baths for an hour before or after work, or head to the beach if you prefer the open water of the sea, you could even grab a tan at the same time!


Obviously you have the cost of buying or renting a bike in the first place, but once you have it, the equipment pays for itself. You can use your bike as a mode of transport, as well as a way of keeping fit without paying gym membership, and it’s a great way to get calves of steel! Calories are burnt much quicker than you might realise by cycling, but always remember to wear a helmet!



An early morning jog can be not only invigorating but also great for your overall health. Take a friend with you to stop you reaching that middle jog burn out, and have a chat as you go around, to distract you from the workout you’re having. Head out into the countryside, enjoy the scenery, you won’t even realise what you’re doing!

Play a team sport

Now, the great thing about getting involved in a team sport, such as football, netball, basketball etc, is that you’re getting a sociable element as well as all the health benefits too. Competition helps you push yourself further, helping you get past the burn, and also enjoying the sport, and probably meeting new people as a result. Double whammy!

So, as you can see, you can easily enjoy all the benefits of a workout without paying for an expensive gym membership!




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