Five superfoods you should try

February 23, 2015, In: Health & Fitness

What is a superfood? Well, it’s not something that is going to fly to you with a red cape and a big S down the middle of it, but in terms of the health benefits these types of food give you, they really should come with some kind of pomp and ceremony!

A superfood is a food which is packed with vitamins and minerals, nutrients, and plenty of antioxidants to boost immunity and fight off illness. Eating your fair share of these types of food could reduce the risk of you developing certain diseases and problems in the future, as well as some having cancer-preventative factors.

Incorporating these foods into your diet isn’t difficult, so make sure you grab a few of these.


It’s easy to throw a few tomatoes into your evening meal, and you could be gaining some serious benefit by doing so. Tomatoes contain something called lycopene, which isn’t found in other foods in general. Lycopene is great for helping the skin fight the harmful effects of UV rays, could prevent certain types of cancer, and has been shown to help lower cholesterol. Oh, and they taste great too!


Another tasty treat with plenty of benefit, blueberries contain phytonutrients which help fight the effects of aging, whilst also protecting against cancer and the possibility of dementia. All of this from a tasty fruit means you should be sprinkling some on your porridge.

agriculture-315512_1280Black beans

Now, these aren’t generally found that easily in normal every day food, but look towards a Chinese dish and you will find they are plentiful and very tasty to boot. Black beans are full of protein and fibre, as well as iron and those all-important antioxidants that we know help fight infection and illness.


Green florets of broccoli are also full of phytonutrients which are related with a reduction in the risk of cancer. On top of this, broccoli contains a large amount of vitamin C, which helps you stay in tip-top health, and Folic Acid also.


Finally we have oats, something we all eat at some stage of the week at least. Delicious, filling, and warming, oats are full of fibre, magnesium, potassium and phytonutrients, which help boost immunity, lower cholesterol, and include plenty of fibre too.

When you’re working out what to eat for your evening meals this week, or even your breakfast and lunch, throw in a few of these superfoods for an added heath boost.





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