Crossfit – what you need to know

March 23, 2015, In: Health & Fitness

If you’re serious about your fitness and you have a decent level to begin with, then Crossfit could be the newest craze on the fitness block which could suit your needs down to the ground.

Now, it’s worth mentioning from the get-go that Crossfit is not for the faint-hearted, and in order to consistently achieve results you will need to push your body to limit, but if this is no problem for you, then looking at your nearest class should be your next step.

handstand-544373_1280What is Crossfit?

We hear new crazes all the time, but this one seems to be making waves. Basically, Crossfit incorporates different exercises and movements from different sports and disciplines, such as Olympic level weightlifting (yes, I warned you it was hard going!), polymetrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, and Strongman, amongst many other high intensity sports.

A class typically lasts for around an hour and has a general pattern to follow – a warm up, which is hugely important considering the amount of work you’re going to put your body through, followed by a section developed to improving skills and movement, before heading towards what is considered to be the hardest section, the workout of the day, or WOD. In order to encourage development through competition, progress is charted against others in the class, so it’s not really a case of working at your own pace! Once the WOD is done, warm down commences.

There are different types of equipment used during a Crossfit class, and which you use depends on the discipline being practiced at that particular time, such as barbells, dumbbells, gymnastic rings, pull up bars, kettlebells, resistance bands, rowers, mats, and jump ropes, to name just a few.

kettle-bell-592905_1280Who is Crossfit aimed towards?

We mentioned that Crossfit shouldn’t really be for someone who is just entering the world of fitness, because it is so high intensity and high energy. Anyone who wishes to practice Crossfit should check with their doctor first, especially if there are any underlying medical problems or injury niggles.

This is a strength and conditioning program that has made huge waves in the USA, and is often practiced by police in order to get to the best level of fitness possible, as well as professional athletes in competition.

Put simply, Crossfit is high intensity, high energy, and certainly only for the most dedicated, but the results really do speak for themselves.


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