9 Reasons It’s Healthier to be Sober

November 28, 2019, In: Health & Fitness

Achieving sobriety is a dream that some find difficult to imagine. Once you have adopted the lifestyle, all the music you listened to and the places that you used will remind you of high times. Using drugs and alcohol may seem like one endless house party that leads to evolving social circles and unlimited acceptance. Yet, at the end of the day, people who are addicted to substances are always on the edge of arrest, being robbed, overdosing, receiving bad drugs, and suffering chronic sickness. They may no longer be able to function without their fix. Let’s objectively discuss some of the detailed reasons why it is healthier to be sober, below.

#1: Running 

Drugs and alcohol tend to go hand in hand with smoking. In fact, cigarette smoking may be one of the earliest and hardest addictions to beat. When you take that first puff of a cigarette, you felt all warm and orgasmic like your whole body was just massaged. However, your body responds by lowering dopamine production to make you dependent on tobacco whenever your mood starts sinking. Smokers are notorious for having poor endurance and virtually suffocating any time they are forced to raise their heart rate. Although marijuana smoke expands bronchial passages, all that nasty tar and sedation is definitely not good for you.

People who use drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are notoriously bad at running. Even if they are using stimulants, they will often refrain from running because it can speed up their heart rate too much and damage the aortic valve. Because the natural sense of well-being and metabolic benefits of running are so high, people with addictions are hugely disadvantaged by their habits in the race of life.


#2: Driving 

People who drink excessively always seem to be in a stupor. Alcohol takes the edge off their nerves but also delays their reaction time. In addition, marijuana and other drugs may cloud thinking or create a delusional sense of self-confidence that leads to risk-taking and serious accidents.

#3: Studying 

If you want to increase your socio-economic status to livable wages in the US, you need to earn a degree in something or other these days. Even homeless people are filling colleges, looking for that upward mobility and magic bullet to solve their problems. When you use drugs and alcohol, you sacrifice your short-term memory, kill brain cells, find it difficult to attend classes, and may find it difficult to follow the lectures of a teacher who isn’t playing a guitar or rapping.

#4: Friends 

It is hard to achieve a healthy sense of natural well-being when you don’t have real friends. When you use drugs and alcohol, you will make a lot of phony friends who only accept you on a superficial level or when they are high. Being sober helps you develop meaningful relationships that don’t revolve around partying or recreational drugs.

#5: Eating Healthy 

When you are preoccupied with the drug lifestyle, you tend to eat unhealthy fast foods and processed junk. You may not have time to cook or may overeat when you drink.


#6: Strength 

It is difficult to build natural strength and stamina when you use drugs and alcohol. Most people who use drugs add testosterone and other doping substances to obtain athletic performance. Although alcohol may pump people up with what are termed “beer muscles,” this is fleeting strength followed by fatigue.

#7: Income 

It is hard to work and excel in the workplace when you are impaired by drugs and alcohol. A large part of your income, if you can even hold a job, is devoted to your addictions rather than invested to support a family of your own. It is hard to afford adequate medical care when you are broke all the time and unemployed. Selling drugs eventually leads to imprisonment or death.

#8: Mental Health Problems 

Narcotics, drugs, and alcohol replace the endorphins, dopamine, and other important substances produced by your body. You may feel chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or exacerbate latent mental health conditions. The longer you use, the more difficult it is to retrain your brain.

#9: Love 

Drugs and alcohol affect emotional health. You surround yourself with manipulative people who become cold, indifferent, and jaded from their addictions. Without any deep emotional connections with sober people, you will never obtain adequate emotional health.

If you’d like to learn more about drug and alcohol addiction and treatment options, please visit The Recovery Village.


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