Wellbeing and Your Career

August 20, 2015, In: Finance

Wellbeing means being healthy, happy and comfortable and all of these are important in the workplace. Contrary to popular opinion, wellbeing at work is down to more than earnings. Interestingly, recent research highlighted that in our daily lives, it’s our careers that have the largest power to influence our mental and emotional wellbeing. So it’s important to find a job that positively impacts your wellbeing.

Here are some other reasons why it’s important to be happy in your job:


Increased Productivity

It sounds like common sense, but the happier you are at work, the more you’ll accomplish, which in turn fuels your success. In fact, the productivity of happy employees is around 30% higher than their unhappy counterparts.

Lower Stress Levels

Stress is a major contributor to a huge variety of health problems. People who are stressed at work are more likely to comfort eat, pull more sickies and have trouble sleeping. While being happy at work can reduce headaches and fatigue, as well as contribute to healthier food choices.

Better Social Life

It sounds a bit odd that your work life can also affect your social life, but if you feel unfulfilled and unhappy at work it can spill over into your personal life. While happiness in your career can positively impact your mental health and could help you to sustain better friendships and relationships.

While it’s important to be happy at work, the bad economy, job uncertainty and a need to pay the bills has led many people to accept any job opportunity. Others find themselves stuck in a role that makes them unhappy, but struggle to change their situation. So whether you’re considering the impact of your current job, or you’re looking for a new role, here are the most important factors that affect wellbeing in the workplace.


Planning for the Future

If you’ve found that your job has limited development opportunities, then may be struggling with job satisfaction. The chance for progression and a vision for the future are hugely important for most people and can greatly affect your wellbeing.

Creativity and Change

Jobs that involve the same actions and processes day in day out can become monotonous. The happiest people tend to work in roles with varied environments that foster creativity.

Purpose and Morale

Working in a job where you feel unappreciated or excluded from your co-workers can seriously affect your happiness. In any career, high morale and a sense of purpose are important.

Follow Your Passion

It seems simple, but being in a job that you’re not passionate about can negatively impact your wellbeing. Think about the things you enjoy doing in your free time, as well as any causes you care about and try to incorporate them into your working life.


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