Ways on how to choose a child to sponsor

June 16, 2015, In: Finance

If you’ve chosen to sponsor a child, congratulations. There is so much hardship in this world and children have done nothing to deserve being raised in poverty. They simply born in the wrong place.

Sponsoring a child can break their cycle of poverty, allowing them to receive an education so they can support their families, and eventually send their own children to school. This is especially important when it comes to girls. It has been proven that sexual health and education lowers the birthrate in countries facing extreme poverty, reducing the rate of infant mortality, and allowing the whole family to be in a better position.

But how do you choose which child to sponsor? If you’re going to sponsor a child, one of the hardest things to do is choosing which child to help. After all, one child isn’t necessarily more deserving than another, and it’s a big decision to make.

Here are some tips for when it comes to choosing which child to sponsor:


Choose one which has been waiting a long time

There are some children which have been waiting months or years for a sponsor. Sometimes this is simply because younger (and cuter) children are often given priority by sponsors.

Allow your kids to pick

One of the best things about sponsoring a child is the opportunity to teach your kids about how lucky they are, and how we should be compassionate. By letting your kids pick, you’ll get them interested and excited about the process.

Choose a country you love

If there’s a country you’re particularly interested in, or you’ve travelled to before and loved, consider donating to a child which is from one of these countries. I love Cambodia, and vividly remember the wild smiles on all of the kids in this amazing country, regardless of their circumstances.


Choose a child with a disability

Children with disabilities need the help most, as they often need specialized care and support. They’re also often underrepresented when it comes to sponsorship. Consider choosing a child with a mental of physical disability to make their life easier and give them some hope.

Close your eyes and pick

Simply sponsoring a child is an amazing gift and will change both your life and theirs in numerous ways. If you’re having trouble picking a child to sponsor, consider closing your eyes and pointing, and then sponsoring that child.

Be a mentor

Are there any children who want to do what you do right now? If you’re a doctor or a teacher you’re likely to find that there are a children who are dreaming of doing the same when they grow up. Choosing one of these children allows you to be a mentor and share your experience and wisdom, while giving them someone to look up to.

Your advice could change their life as much as your sponsorship, and you’re sure to enjoy helping the kids meet their goals.


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