Top ways to furnish your home on a budget

October 27, 2014, In: Finance

Furnishing a home, whether it’s your first home or your fifth, can be an expensive business, especially if you buy everything brand new. If you’re worried that making your home the sanctuary you want it to become is going to cost the earth, then luckily for you there are a few ways you can cut costs here and there, whilst still getting the desired results you’re looking for.

living-room-437205_1280Go for second hand furniture

It’s not being cheap or going sub-standard to opt for second hand furniture, in fact you could find yourself grabbing a real quality bargain for a steal of a price. Obviously check out quality first, and if it’s substandard then keep searching, but on the whole, the saying that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure is quite true!

Check Freecycle pages

If your area has a Freecycle page on the internet, or even on Facebook, then check it out regularly. You may find that someone is gifting furniture simply for the cost of picking it up, and this will save you masses compared to buying something new, or even second hand. Again, check quality, but people often just want furniture out of the way, because it can take up precious space in their own homes when they’re redesigning themselves.

cabin-413770_1280Get creative

If you know someone who is good with wood and furniture making, then why not buy the wood and ask them to make what you’re looking for? This isn’t always a viable option if you don’t know anyone handy in this way, but on the whole, most areas have someone who has a hobby or interest in woodwork!

Make use of old furniture

If you have a similar piece of furniture, get handy with some fabric or paint and do it up in your own unique way. Cover things over, decopatch it, varnish it, fabric cover it, do something that makes it new and fresh. You could even get that handyman who is good with wood to alter it a little, so you’re not shelling out for something new, but you get a different take on it as a final result.

Vouchers are your friend

If you are getting married, or you have a special occasion coming up, such as a birthday or anniversary, why not ask for vouchers as a gift, rather than something you don’t really need. Most large DIY stores have gift voucher options and you will be able to furnish your home without it actually costing you a penny!

As you can see, it’s really a case of thinking outside the box when it comes to furnishing your home on the cheap. It can be done!


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