Money saving tips for around the home

January 2, 2015, In: Finance

Saving money here and there adds up to major savings over time, this is just a simple fact which a lot of us don’t realise at the time. Tiny savings might not seem significant when you’re making them, so you might not bother continuing with it, but when done in conjunction with a few other tweaks, and given a few months or years, you could find more money in your pocket as a result.

Surely this is worth pursuing!

If you’re looking for a few ways to save money here and there, check out these suggestions below for inspiration.

money-661584_1280Shop around for new purchases

If you’re looking to buy something new for your home, don’t just go with the first deal you find, because shopping around will almost always yield the best results. You wouldn’t buy the first car you found, so apply the same logic to every other household purchase you make. Online price comparison websites are great places to head to compare deals and prices before making your final decision.

Change your energy supplier regularly

Don’t stick with the same company for your gas and electric, telephone, digital TV subscription etc, as you could find you’re with the most expensive one and you’re missing out on new customer or switch deals with other companies. Regularly check what is available and when you get that phone call asking who you’re with for your gas etc, don’t immediately put the phone down! Check out your options and switch if it makes monetary sense.

wallet-637042_1280Buy new appliances that are more efficient and cost effective over time

Older appliances, such as washing machines and boilers, use more electric and are less cost effective than newer ones. New technological developments have put saving the planet and saving money at the forefront, which is good news for you and the environment. When things start to get old and cranky, look at replacing them with something newer, and watch the money stay in your pocket as a result.

Shop online for groceries

Heading to the supermarket to do your grocery shopping might be all good fun to get out of the house and have a wander to look at the deals, but you will no doubt spend more money on impulse buys. A good alternative is to do your shopping online and to fill your basket, then leave it a day; when you head back to complete your shop, you will probably take a few things out because you’ve had time to think about it, and you’ll save money when you don’t spend on things you don’t really need!

These are just a few common sense, easy ways to save money around the house.


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