How to Save Money in 2015

June 1, 2015, In: Finance

If you’re trying to save money for a holiday, new car, house, or simply just working hard to get out of debt, why not commit to making 2015 the year you meet your financial goals?

Here are some ways you can save money in 2015:

Make a budget

If you’re going to really make some changes in your finances, it’s crucial that you have some goals. Writing them down keeps you focused and makes them seem more achievable, so take some time to write down a list of your goals and how you’ll achieve them, and stick it on your refrigerator to keep yourself motivated.

Buy your Ink Cartridges Online

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Ditch the Credit Cards

Credit cards have some of the highest interest rates, so cut them up, and if possible find a credit card which has 0% interest if you transfer the balance of your current credit cards. Once you’re not paying interest each month you’ll find that you’re getting ahead with your finances.

Shop Around

Each year you should be checking to see if you’re still getting the best deal possible for your home, auto, and life insurance, as well as things like internet and electricity. You may find that you could save hundreds of dollars each year just by comparing companies and transferring to one with better rates.

Get another job

If you’re working full time this may not seem like a great solution, but people are always looking for nannies and babysitters, or you could pick up just a few hours waitressing or working at a store. This money could then go directly into a savings account.


Drop the necessary expenses

If you’re like most people, you’re probably paying for a bunch of stuff which you could do without in the short term in order to make life easier in the long term. Cancel any magazine subscriptions you’re not using, switch from eating out to dining in, and instead of going to the movies once a week, consider using Netflix, or hiring DVD’s.
See if you can get out of that gym membership you never use, since you can often sell them, and commit to biking or walking to work, or using public transport. Not only will you save on gas, but you’ll probably find yourself getting healthier and enjoying your morning commute.

Sell your car

If you’re currently spending money on a gas guzzler, consider selling it, and either buying a smaller and cleaner car, or using public transport to get around. Better for your health, better for the environment, and better for your budget.

Make the most of your space

If you have an extra room, consider renting it out on AirBnb. If you’re in a good location you may find yourself making a profit after paying the rent or mortgage, which can go straight into your savings.


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