How Much Can You Expect to Save by Quitting Smoking?

April 16, 2019, In: Finance

There is no denying the fact that smoking cigarettes is an extremely expensive habit. Although this isn’t usually the main reason to want to kick the habit, if you took the time to calculate just how much you can expect to save by quitting smoking, it might just be motivator enough! Here is some information you might consider useful if you are really contemplating making a move towards quitting.


The Cost of Cigarettes Is the Most Obvious Cost

When trying to decipher how much money you can save when quitting, the obvious cost of cigarettes that keep rising by the day may actually be the least of your worries. It has been well established that smoking cigarettes is proven to be the ultimate cause of a number of diseases such as cancer and diseases of the lungs. Now think about the time lost from work, the cost of medical care, the cost of medicine and perhaps ultimate early death. All of those costs can be waylaid if not eliminated when you quit smoking. You are potentially looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses as a result of smoking. Do you have a home that you can lose due to high medical bills? It might be time to truly make an effort to quit.


Calculating the Cost of Cigarettes Now and In the Future

Many people who have been smoking for a long period of time know that the cost of cigarettes has gone up many, many times over and they continue to rise. If you have any doubts as to just how much money you can save, why not try an online calculator that could help you determine the actual savings if you stopped buying cigarettes today. Let’s look at some figures to get an idea of just how great those savings would be.

Now then, these are outrageous figures because they were calculated way back when cigarettes still cost approximately $3 per pack and we all know that has been the better part of two decades, if not more in many areas of the country. Here is what you would have saved at that cost:

  • 1 Year – $1,095
  • 5 Years – $5,475
  • 10 Years – $10,950
  • 20 Years – $21,900
  • 30 Years – $32,850

Okay, so we know that it has been a very long time since we would calculate at $3 per pack. Let’s go conservative here and say cigarettes are $6 a pack but we all know they are often $9 or more in some cities around the nation.

If you were to quit today, in just five years you would save $10,950. That’s enough for a really nice vacation or a down payment on a much nicer vehicle. However, again it is worth mentioning that these figures are skewed by outdated costs. In reality, within five years you could save over $16k. And that’s just at one pack a day. Now if you smoked two packs a day, you are looking at $32k down the drain!


Are There Cost Effective Alternatives to Smoking?

In recent years we have been hearing about the benefits of e-cigarettes and vaping e-liquids. Is this truly a cost effective solution? When you consider the fact that electronic cigarettes are not carcinogenic and have not been proven to provide any great health risks, that alone should tell you something. You certainly won’t incur any medical bills such as you would on a level with having smoked tobacco products. However, how much do electronic cigarettes cost and are they really cheaper than tobacco products?

When purchasing a disposable cigarette, they typically last enough puffs to be equivalent to two full packs of cigarettes. Now if you were to assume that the average disposable e-cig that you could buy at any corner gas station usually costs around $9.95, you are probably saving about 25% the cost of a pack of cigarettes.

However, it is much more cost effective to buy a rechargeable type that either works with e-liquid or cartridges, you can save infinitely more money. Products such as Cirrus rechargeable e-cigs can be used over and over again, only the cartridge needs to be changed as well as Vaping kits that have e liquid flavours that you can choose from and the ultimate saving is upwards of 75%. Looking at that figure on a 5 year timeline, you would still be saving at least $7,000 during that time if you smoke enough to be equivalent to one pack and if you smoke more, the savings will only rise. How much money can you save if you quit smoking? Do the math and you will wonder why you haven’t quit before this.


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