How Apps Can Save You Hundreds On Your Shopping

June 29, 2018, In: Finance

The personal finances of American citizens have been growing worse since 2012. So much so that by the end of the year, experts anticipate that the nation will owe an eye-watering $4 trillion. One reason cited for the growth in personal debt is online shopping, with Statista reporting that online sales grew to $660.4 million in 2017. But, the good news is that apps installed on the latest pieces of technology could help slash hundreds off your shopping bill, allowing you to shop guilt-free.

Earn cashback

America loves their shopping apps with Amazon, Walmart and eBay ranking in the top three. But before buying any goods, be sure to download the top cashback websites and use them every time you make a purchase online. In return for buying your goods via their app, the company will give you a small percentage of your total checkout price back, which you can cash out when you hit their minimum threshold.


Save money during checkout

Saving cash via apps isn’t limited to when you’re shopping online. There are plenty of apps which can be used to save you a small fortune when at the checkout. Before parting with any cash, check your app to see whether they have an active discount code running which will give you money off the goods you’ve already got in your basket. Apps such as Yowza, which has more than 70,000 retailers on its database and offers local savings to users, can simply scan their discounts directly from the app when at the till, making it a hassle-free process.

Compare prices

Everyone wants to nab the best price on their shopping and price comparison apps allow you to compare the prices of the items you’re after across a variety of retailers. Research has found that shoppers usually visit three websites before completing their purchase, but comparison apps allow you to compare even more offers. These apps are particularly beneficial when you’re after higher priced goods, such as a laptop or cell phone.

Getting your finances back on track

While shopping online is generally cheaper and offers more options than physical stores, it’s important to note that if you are in debt you should only make purchases which are compulsory. When this isn’t the case, focus on rebuilding and repairing your finances instead. At present, more than a half of all states have a “good” credit score which goes to show that smart financial decisions and utilizing shopping apps can overhaul your monetary situation.

Technology is changing the way America shops and is helping individuals to save and even make cash from the items they buy. Regardless of whether you shop online or in store, there’s an app that can help boost your personal finances.


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