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June 5, 2015, In: Finance

Saving cash is the name of the game these days, and finding ways to do exactly that, especially when it comes to the big events in our year, such as our annual holiday, is certainly something to be strived for.

Holidays aren’t cheap, especially when there’s more than one of you to consider, so finding loopholes here and there will definitely help make your holiday not only more possible, but cheaper in the long run.


There are quite a few ways you can save, and a few added together create bigger savings. For example, how do you get from home to the airport? If you regularly book taxis, or go on the coach or train, then maybe it’s time you stopped and tried a different way. If there is more than one of you then for public transport you’re paying x number of times, but if you drive and book airport parking then you’re only paying once. Money saved! You will find facilities at most UK airports to tick this money saving box, including the regional terminals too. I can certainly vouch for Leeds Bradford airport parking, I’ve booked this several times and always saved.

Flying indirect is another option you could look at to save money. Now, this does take a little careful consideration, because if the extra time onto your journey is excessive then it’s simply not worth it, but there are cases where this can be done without making your day too long.


Skyscanner is a good place to go for checking out indirect flights, and you will be given options to choose from. If the stop-over connection is only a couple of hours, then it’s a definite possibility, because two hours is nothing in the grand scheme of things, and your travel day is pretty much a dead day in terms of holidaying in resort. You can easily grab a coffee, stretch your legs, and check out a new airport whilst you’re waiting, and you will be saving plenty of cash to motivate you to wait. On the other hand, if you can only find flights with five, six hours or more stop-over, then I wouldn’t consider it.

It’s really a case of weighing up your pros and cons, and working out which way is cheaper and more convenient. I have flown indirect on a few occasions, and with a stop-over of three hours, I didn’t find it interrupted my day that much, especially because I saved quite a lot in the process. Sometimes you have to put yourself out a little in order to keep cash in your pocket, but this is certainly something to consider.


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