Career changes in 2016

February 16, 2016, In: Finance

In January you were probably full of optimism thinking about how you were going to make this year the best year ever. If you’ve somehow lost that sense of positivity it could be down to your career. Many people want to change their career and look for a more fulfilling job but aren’t really sure how. Make sure you don’t waste another year of your life and make that all important career change now with a little help from us:


Look for something more fulfilling

If you’re happy financially and comfortable with the daily demands of your job, perhaps it’s something more emotionally fulfilling that you’re looking for. A lot of people really thrive on going home from work feeling like they’ve made a difference in the world and if your job doesn’t give you that sense of accomplishment perhaps you  need to go for something more pastoral. How about trying out nursing or teaching? A lot of people take a lot of satisfaction from working with others and this can be a great way to feel more fulfilled in life.

Look for something that pays well

A lot of people are unhappy with their salary or feel their underpaid. The first way to try and deal with this is to bring it up with your manager if you genuinely feel that you deserve more money for the hard work you put in. If that’s not the case, why not look into other careers which pay better that you may not have already considered before or see what qualification you need to acquire before applying for a higher paid job. Sometimes it can be really worthwhile to go on a course or studying a degree part time to help further your career progression.


Look for something interesting

You might be happy with your salary and content with your job but just feel a little bored or unmotivated at work. Often if our work is not something were really passionate about its easy to just sit back and let each day become the same boring routine over and over again. If that’s how you feel then don’t waste anymore of your time in a job that you don’t love. Research the kind of job that you’d love to do and then work your hardest to get into that sector.

From fashion to cycling and gardening, there are many ways to make a fulfilling career out of your hobby. Take a look at the National Career Advice site for a little more help.


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