Best budget destinations of 2015

April 13, 2015, In: Finance

Choosing where to go on holiday can be a minefield of a decision to make. Of course, you want to go to the most exotic place you can, but nobody ever said that money really does grow on trees, so you will need to find somewhere that best suits your budget, your holiday requirements, and somewhere that calls to you in terms of things to see and do.

This is a totally personal decision to make of course, but in terms of money and things to experience, Europe offers some fantastic destinations to explore. From cities to sunshine beach resorts, you will find it all, and usually with a low price tag to boot.

Here are four of the most budget-worthy destinations for the coming year. Do any of these tick your boxes?


Now, the current lira exchange rate is fantastic, meaning you get more for your money with every purchase. For example, only two years ago the rate for lira to pound was generally stable at around 2.8, but as I type this, the rate is 3.9! That’s a huge jump, and is great news for holidaymakers. It’s also good news that a holiday in Turkey is almost always going to come up first in cheapest to highest priced holiday searches online. Despite the low price tag, the quality isn’t compromised, with beach resorts such as Marmaris, Side, Icmeler, Kusadasi, and Alanya in competition with the huge cities of Izmir and Istanbul.

Canary Islands

The great thing about the Canary Islands is that they are fantastic for both summer and winter sun. During winter the temperatures are mild and moderate, meaning you can easily sunbathe when the rest of your friends and family back home are shivering and sneezing! Tenerife has always been a very popular island, and a real family favourite, however Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, and Fuerteventura are fantastic in their own right.


The beach resort of Sunny Beach is as cheap as chips, and with neon-lit party central at your fingertips, this is a great option for younger groups wanting to let their hair down and get a tan at the same time. Bulgaria is famously cheap for eating and drinking out, and you’ll find drink offers to lower the price tag even further. If you want something cheap and cheerful, with beautiful scenery and culture to explore if you dare to head away from the resort a little, then Bulgaria is a great choice.


Portugal has always been popular with golfers, and The Algarve is a summer and winter favourite. Prices for holidays to this sun-drenched country during the summer months have fallen dramatically over recent years, and it’s easy to enjoy beach time combined with a little city exploration in Lisbon too.

Feeling tempted?



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