What Are Savvy Dames?
Savvy Dames are modern women, who are independent, passionate and not afraid to go after their dreams. They use technology to make their lives easier, travel to broaden their mind and focus on their health and fitness.

Why Did I Make Savvy Dames? 
I was tired of the majority of woman’s magazines online, focused on how to make yourself more eligible to snag the right bachelor, or other shallow things. Many of us want to read things online that are relevant and helpful for our day to day life. That’s what Savvy Dames is for – for smart women who want the best of everything and aren’t afraid to go after it.

Who Am I? 
I’m Sophia, I’m in my mid twenties and I consider myself to be a Savvy Dame. While I have a sweet shop for shopping, I spend a lot of time working on ways to improve my life whether through traveling more, yoga and gyming or by reworking my personal finances. I made this blog, Savvy Dames, to share my journey with you and to hopefully inspire you to be the Savviest Dame that you can be.

Please feel free to touch base if you want to chat; I’d love to hear from you.